How we’ll reduce poverty

RMAPI is a coalition of the willing, individuals and organizations working together to tackle systemic root causes that create and perpetuate poverty in Rochester.

How we’ll reduce poverty

Historic and continuing discriminatory policies, practices and systems in the US and the greater Rochester area create enduring inequities and conditions for Black, Indigenous People of Color, actively and passively preventing access to upward mobility.
RMAPI aims to break the cycle of poverty by shifting power to enable upward mobility for all families.
Our universal goal is to build a community where everyone will:

  • Live in a safe, inclusive and opportunity-rich neighborhood
  • Access quality education and skill building that equips them for success
  • Engage in rewarding work that provides dignity and builds financial security and stability for their families
  • Live in healthy environments and get access to quality, affordable health and social care
  • Rely on equitable, accountable, and responsive local government, public safety and legal systems
  • Experience inclusion, dignity and belonging, leading to greater well being and increased participation in civic institutions and community life

We know that specific populations have been historically disadvantaged by racism, trauma and community dissolution and we will focus our efforts on the groups of people currently situated furthest from these goals.

Addressing poverty is a marathon, not a sprint. RMAPI has adopted an approach to fighting poverty that has proven to be successful in other communities across North America. This starts with mapping the systems that perpetuate poverty, identifying short-and long-term changes within organizations and finding new ways to collaborate. With critical processes and players actively improving their collaboration and outcomes, we begin to see changes taking place within the entire system itself. With these changes, systems become more responsive to changing needs and the quality of life in our community continually improves, leading to wider population changes

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